Dr. Shonda Lackey

Licensed Psychologist & Script Consultant in NYC | Helping Cultivate the Art of Introspection | 646.926.2198

About Dr. Lackey



I’m a psychologist with interests in arts consultancy, personal growth, and consumer research.

As an Arts enthusiast, I especially enjoy using my psychology background to understand film, television, music, and book audiences.  I believe that the Arts help us think about ourselves and life in new ways.

You’re invited to take a look around my website.  Self-help articles are located in the Recent Posts and Media sections.  If you want more personalized help, I offer the following services:

WORKSHOPS: Private, one on one workshops – “Relationship Revelations” and “Workplace Wellness.”

CONSULTING: Script Analysis and additional services for filmmakers and authors.

New York State Licensed Psychologist

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, St. John’s University