Order a Script Analysis

Want a script analysis written with the insight of a psychologist who has also worked as a script reader for several production companies?

Submit your film or television script (up to 120 pages) and request a written analysis. Email your script (Word or PDF) to me at the email address listed in the Policies and Agreement form with all requested documents.

After I receive a signed Policies and Agreement form, your Client Profile, your script, your student verification (if applicable), and full payment, I will send you an email confirmation and begin analysis of your script. From that point, turnaround time is expected to be 2 weeks, but may be as long as 3 weeks. I will email the analysis in PDF to the email address you provide on the Client Profile.

You will receive a written analysis that includes my evaluation and any suggestions for the overall script, premise, structure, characterization, dialogue, conflict, pacing, and logic. Total pages of the written analysis will vary, but will generally include 2-3 typed single-spaced pages.

The charge for script analysis is $300 payable in full by check, debit, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).  To pay online, click on the Make a Payment tab under the Consulting & The Arts tab. If you are a graduate student, provide a copy of your most recent class schedule and ID  and pay $240, a 20% discount.

Sample – To protect the privacy of screenwriters I’ve provided analysis for, “‘I’ve provided an example of an analysis I did not work on directly. Shortly before “A Most Violent Year” opened in theaters, I read the script online, wrote an analysis, and submitted it with my application for a script reader position. This analysis helped me secure the position.

If you have not already done so, it is suggested that you register your scripts with the US Copyright office and the Writers Guild of America.