Are you a single woman age 30 or older? Do you feel sad, worried, or frustrated with your love life or your career?

Do you want to get tips, ask questions, and speak about your situation in a personalized, confidential setting?  If so, sign up for my private workshop.

These workshops do not constitute therapy or coaching. Rather, they are instructional in nature and designed to help you gain insight and develop practical ways to handle issues in your social life and at work. Call (646) 926-2198 or complete my contact form (review email policies) to schedule your free consultation.

Relationship Revelations

For women who have few single friends left, who dread going to events alone, and are wondering if they should give up on love.

You don’t have to settle or play games. Build a relationship in which you feel respected and loved. Or, redefine what it means to be single and find purpose in your life.

  • Review Workshop Goals
  • Discuss Current Relationship Status
  • Attachment Patterns
  • Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships
  • Defining Relationship Goals
  • Values
  • Preferences vs. Deal breakers
  • Managing Emotions
  • Living a Meaningful Single Life

Workplace Wellness

For women who feel stuck in their career and feel a sense of dread the night before returning to work. Decide whether to stick it out or begin your exit strategy.

  • Review Workshop Goals
  • Discuss Current Job Situation
  • Workplace Culture
  • Stress vs. Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers
  • Identifying Resources
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Stress Reduction at Work
  • Creating an Exit Strategy