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How to Survive the Weekend When You’re Single

So, you’re single and you made it through this weekend. But are you already dreading spending this coming Friday or Saturday night fantasizing about what you would do with the partner that doesn’t yet exist? Well, maybe it’s time to reconsider the way you’ve been thinking about the weekends.

Yes, many couples make the most of their weekends together, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel left out. Be intentional about each weekend by planning ahead. Instead of waiting around and not having anything to do on the weekend or trying to come up with something last minute, change the game. What’s wrong with planning in advance which book or television series you’re going to catch up on? This is your time to pause, refresh, and unwind.

If you want to go out, you may want to get together with one of your friends. Sometimes, once you reach a certain age, your friendships change. In addition to coupled friends who have less time for you, you may find you have very few if any single friends left. Until you develop new friendships, go out alone.

Many singles feel stigma about going to places alone. Once you’ve considered any safety issues, it’s time to challenge yourself. Go to a movie or a live performance. If the idea of going out on a weekend night amidst couples is terrifying, start out by going to matinees. Some people might wonder what you’re doing alone, but so what? Let them wonder. Many of those same people (single or coupled) probably wish they had the courage to do things alone.

Now, I’m not promising that you won’t still feel pangs of sadness, concern, or frustration on the weekend if you’d sometimes prefer to be spending that time with a partner. These are typical responses which differ from depression, anxiety, or anger. And if you’re able to reconsider the way you think about the weekend, you may experience less of those devastating feelings.

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