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What Major League Fishing Can Teach You About Dating

Has anyone ever told you not to worry about finding a mate because there are plenty of fish in the sea?  Well, what happens when the fish just aren’t that plentiful?

I found out while watching a Major League Fishing Championship. Here were the best anglers (fishermen) in the United States. They had top notch skills and the best boats, rods, and bait. Yet, before each fisherman selected a location to fish, he used a GPS fishing map to tell him if there were a decent amount of fish in the area.

I laughed out loud when one fisherman announced he was not going to waste his time in a particular area because there weren’t any fish there.  He moved to a location where the fish were more abundant.

Applied to dating, similar principles apply. This is particularly the case for professional Black women. The plain truth is that for a variety of reasons, compatible mates can be hard to find. All the preparation and self improvement in the world can’t make a suitable partner appear out of thin air. And yes, sometimes you may have to consider searching in different places or even moving (summed up nicely at about the 16:10 mark in the video below).

So the next time someone tells you there are plenty of fish in the sea, you may want to consider if that’s really true.

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