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Inspirational Insights Digest: Money Beliefs, Tips for Summer Love & More

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An Analysis of Money Scripts in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street

Wall Street, the iconic 1987 movie, provides many examples of how beliefs about money influence behavior. In the field of psychology, these beliefs are known as money scripts. Read more here.

Reflections on Change

Last week while browsing a social media forum, I came across a cartoon by Mort Gerberg that had been published in The New Yorker. The cartoon depicts a therapy office located on tree branches. The main characters are not humans, but insects. There’s a caterpillar on a couch looking up at the therapist, a butterfly with its wings spread. The caption reads, “The thing is, you have to really want to change.” Technically, no one has to do anything, but this cartoon alludes to the essence of what makes therapy successful.  Read more here.

Summer Loving

As summer approaches, many people anticipate long sunny days filled with fun. Summer can also be a challenging time for singles as couples seem to occupy every sidewalk café, beach, or venue you can imagine. With love so blatantly in the air, summer is a time when some may consider starting a relationship. Some have an easy time finding the love they want, but others struggle to start healthy relationships. Here are some tips to consider. Read more here.


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