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Inspirational Insights Digest: Managing Holiday Stress & More

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Tis the Season to Manage Holiday Stress

‘Tis the season! But will you be jolly or not? The answer depends on how well you can manage the stress caused by irrational beliefs that tend to surface during the Holiday season. Perhaps you know people who have a very difficult time dealing with the Holidays. You may be one of those people. Read more, here.

5 Ways to Deal With Insufferable Facebook Behavior

Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family across the world.  Why let your thoughts about what someone else posts upset you to the point where you may even consider deactivating or deleting your account? Rather than getting upset and avoiding Facebook, a better option might be to practice self-acceptance and other-acceptance. Read more, here.

Your Career and the Rating Game

When you meet someone, how long is it before the conversation turns towards what each of you do for a living? My guess is, not very long.  Many people engage in such a conversation out of genuine interest or as a way to break the ice. Yet, introductions can turn into somewhat of a rating game fairly quickly.  Here are some tips to avoid rating yourself based on your career.

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